Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where'd October go?

What do you mean, it's November already?! What happened to October?

Oh, right, it was a busy month! Sorry for the crickets here on the blog!

The month began with our memorial service for Charlotte and Oliver on October 1st, the anniversary of Charlotte's death last year. We held the service in Georgia at the church where their great-grandfather, great-great-grandmother, great-great-aunt, and other family members are buried. We dedicated a memorial marker placed in the family plot. Many of our families were in attendance; it meant so much to us to be reminded of how many people love our children and are touched by their loss. It was a difficult event to plan and attend but we're so glad to have done so. The memorial turned out beautifully and it's so reassuring to have a permanent marker in their honor.

October 8th, we went to Baby Claire's first birthday party - what an event it was, and how wonderful it was to see Claire and her family again!

Next, my parents came up for a long (long!) weekend to help plan and execute a long-awaited major re-landscaping of our front yard. We took out some azaleas and nandinas that hadn't been doing well in the full sun, removed the black plastic sheeting (!) that had been used in place of landscape cloth, uprooted tons of grass and weeds, planted all sorts of new plants and re-mulched the existing beds, added two new garden beds, installed a stepping-stone walkway down to the mailbox, and more!

...Hmm. Although I have plenty of "before" and "during" photos, I seem to have failed to take any finished "after" pictures. I will try to remedy that soon - take my word for it, it's a HUGE improvement. Thanks Mom and Dad!

On Sunday of that weekend we had to make a trip to the emergency room because Eliza's g-tube fell out by accident. When that happens it's at risk of closing up quite rapidly, which would then possibly require surgery to re-open, so after a couple of failed attempts at reinserting it ourselves, we hurried to the ER. The ER doctor tried a bunch of times and also couldn't get it back in, so he finally called one of the pediatric surgeons to try - and of course she got it reinserted on the first try.  Thank goodness she did since Eliza was completely exhausted and in pain from all the repeated attempts. It took her a few days to feel herself again but it's all better now.

The following weekend, we took Eliza to the North Carolina State Fair for the first time. My sister Emily joined us for her first Fair too. We went first thing in the morning to avoid some of the crowds and parking issues and that turned out to be a very good idea. We saw prize-winning flowers, fruits, vegetables, and farm animals, ate too much fried food, and watched the BMX/motorcycle stunt show until Eliza got tired of the noise. All in all, a successful State Fair experience!

Eliza and I joined a "parent and child" swim class. The pool is too cold for her liking (I think she could use a baby wetsuit!) but other than that she's doing very well in the water. She's really good at the kicking part!

Then it was Halloween weekend! We took Eliza to a Halloween party on Saturday (for which Heather made some very cute cake pops), got Eliza's ears pierced Sunday, then stayed home Monday evening to hand out Halloween candy. Despite the cold and rain, there was quite a turnout of trick-or-treaters, but we were prepared and for the first time since moving into our house, we DIDN'T run out of candy halfway into the evening!

And of course in and around all of that, there's been everyday life with Eliza. She finally got over her ear infection and UTI from the beginning of the month pretty well, thank goodness. We've now successfully made it through her first sickness since being out of the hospital. Successful meaning no trips to the ER or hospital stays or too many parental freak outs.  Her bottom two teeth are continuing to come in, though she still won't show them off to us - we'll hope to get a picture as soon as she does! She's having some issues with low muscle tone in her eyes so she's having to wear an eye patch on alternate sides for a couple of hours each day to give them both a good workout. She's being a very good sport about that so far!

Plus there's all the other miscellaneous PT, OT, and DT... we're going in to the SICC for her one-year developmental evaluation on Thursday, so more on that subject after that!


  1. Oh wow! I LOVE that picture of her eye patch!!

  2. OMG, the CUTENESS is overwhelming!!! Yes, the eye patch pic is ADORABLE- what an incredible smile Miss Eliza has!!!

    Thanks so much for the update. The marker for Oliver and Charlotte is simply beautiful. How comforting to be surrounded by so much family forever.

    Heather, you're REALLY talented in the cute cake pop dept. And the family's Halloween costumes are SOOOOOO cute!!! Thanks again for sharing. I love your updates. :)

  3. I absolutely love that picture with the eye patch. The smile is simply amazing!! I just want to hug her!!

    And Heather!!! You have an amazing talent with those cake pops! Are you taking orders? Do you ship? I'd order some for sure! LOVE THEM!! Great job!

    Glenn - are your parents available for hire?? I have a landscaping project and could use their talent. You, Heather and Eliza are welcome to come too, but not required to work ;-)

    Miss you guys!! Thanks for a the update. Always love hearing what you all are up to!

  4. Yay, I work Thursday, so bring her up to the unit so I can get my hugs and kisses!

  5. Jean - our neighbors tried to hire my parents too, but they say "there are things we'll do for love that we wouldn't do for money." :-) Too bad - they're crazy hard workers! I have a hard time keeping up with them!

    Lori - SICC was last week so I'm afraid we missed that chance to see you. We didn't go by the ICN afterward anyway as Eliza was so wiped out by that point that we had to head straight home. Hopefully another time!