Sunday, April 15, 2012

Any resemblance?

Looking through pictures of Eliza from last month, we were struck by one in particular. Eliza seems to be looking more like her Daddy lately, don't you think?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Plane Ride

Eliza took her very first plane ride over Easter weekend. We were super nervous since we decided to fly "Infant in Arms" instead of buying her own seat. (Cheapskates.) We had valid reasons for concern. Eliza likes to constantly move, my friends. Sitting contently on a lap? No. She is a wiggle worm; she pulls, yanks, tears, puts-in-mouth everything she can reach. We were also overwhelmed thinking about lugging a bunch of baby stuff, and a baby, around the airport. Plus, we didn't want to pay (cheapskates) to check any bags. Therefore due to some very creative (skimpy) packing and my mom having a well-stocked house, we ended up only taking 2 small rolling suitcases, a backpack, a diaper bag, and one large toddler car seat. This feat of minimalism would've been hard to accomplish if we were going anywhere other than Nana's house, but for this trip it worked!

After doing some research on traveling with a car seat I came across this little gadget: traveling toddler car seat strap. It was inexpensive (remember, cheapskates?) and a good solution! It basically turns one roller case and car seat into a stroller. It was pretty easy too. It took a little practice to get the tightness of the straps right but once at the airport things went fairly smoothly:
1. Take car seat out of car and decrease recline of seat. 
2. Use strap to attach seat to case with LATCH system. (A matter of click, click and tighten)
3. Unclick at security and put everything on conveyor for x-rays.
4. Reattach easily on the other side (while juggling baby and waiting for spouse to get the full-body pat-down by a TSA officer).
5. Nod and agree with strangers about what a good invention it is. (the strap, not the pat-down)
6. Planeside, detach and check car seat into baggage, and carry baby onto plane. 

Pretty painless! 

Riding the concourse train in ATL

As for baby wrangling while on the plane: It went pretty well too. I think it would have been impossible for one person to keep her contained for the whole flight, but with two of us, it went just fine! Eliza spent a lot of time climbing between Glenn and me, leaning backwards to check out the aisle and people, looking at books, listening to us sing at her, shaking rattles, slobbering on Delta cookies, and making friends with some of the flight attendants. She even got her picture with the pilot in the cockpit! (After we landed, of course!)

She looks a little freaked here but she gave him a shy smile right before this. :)

He's Here!

My nephew made his long awaited appearance on Friday, March 30th!  This was 6 whole days before our scheduled trip down to Georgia to meet him. I kept telling myself it was only few more days, and that worked on Friday... but by Saturday morning I couldn't wait any longer and I was in the car making the long drive to GA on my own. Glenn was awesome to handle the house and Eliza for the weekend and he even downloaded a digital audiobook for me to listen to on the drive.  Good hubby isn't he?!

I am so proud of my sister! My nephew is a super cute, sleepy, and healthy little man. I was so honored to be there for the first couple days of his life!

Benjamin - born 8 lb, 8 oz, 21 inches long. What a cutie!

As a side note: apparently there are still hospitals out there that haven't gotten the message that “breast is best”. Theirs was one of those hospitals. When a woman wants to breastfeed and you deter her and suggest that it is NOT what is best for baby? CRAZY. We're still shocked about that one!