Saturday, July 31, 2010

Journey to Triplets - 18 Weeks

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Journey to Triplets - 17 Weeks

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Note: our 17 weeks date was 7/19, and these pictures were taken 7/18, but it took most of a week before we were ready to post this image (more about that in a separate post...) Expect most of these pictures to show up on the blog about a week after they were actually taken.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Pregnancy So Far

Everyone asks if I’ve had morning sickness and luckily I haven’t. Not the least bit of puking has happened over here. Just don’t ask what I want to eat. I have no idea. Nothing sounds good except chicken fingers or avocado sushi rolls from our local sushi restaurant. Strange I know.
Even though I’ve managed to bypass the so hated morning sickness, I’ve collected my own set of strange complications.
Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome: My ovaries basically refused to work (maybe since puberty?) but definitely since we started trying a year and a half ago. When they finally did work they swelled up to the size of melons in a matter of days. Ovaries are normally supposed to be about 4 cm and mine grew to many times bigger than that very quickly. Also my blood was dumping all water into my abdominal cavity and at the worst I had gained about 15 lbs in water. This of course was pretty uncomfortable and I spent several days going to the doctor getting blood work and an IV drip. Unfortunately we had to cancel our cruise that we had scheduled on doctors orders. Very sad but we learned we were pregnant during all of this so that definitely made up for all of it. :) My ovaries are still bigger than normal at 16 weeks but they have continued to go down and all the discomfort associated with them has gone away.
Retinal Occlusion: I woke up one morning a little over 4 weeks ago and realized I couldn't read the computer screen very well. Upon further investigation I realized I had a cloud shaped blob in my right eye. It was completely opaque. When using both eyes it just seemed to make my vision blurry and reading was difficult. My OB sent me to see a Ophthalmologist, who brought in a Retinal specialist, who decided I had this retinal occlusion (blood clot)  in my eye which is apparently super rare for someone under 50 or 60. They recommended full blood work and  my OB scheduled me to see their OB/Hematologist specialist. However many days and hours at the doctors later I am on a blood thinner for preventative reasons since they did not find a direct cause of the occlusion. Luckily, last week we found out that the occlusion has healed and now just waiting to see if the vision loss is permanent or not. And I still have to shoot myself with blood thinner twice a day. But it has gotten tons easier to do!
Gestational Diabetes: Sort-of.  I failed the first test they gave and then I barely passed the second. Only one bad score out of 4 and you have to have 2 bad to be diagnosed. But they are concerned about me being high risk so I had to go to gestational diabetes nutrition counseling and check my blood sugar every so often. Thank you Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.. and the multiples. :)
So that’s the main stuff and I’ve now bored myself to tears and anyone that is still reading. :) It’s definitely an adventure so far. I’m just so glad nothing has really been untreatable or harmful for the babies. Knock on wood it continues!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Three, Tres, Drie, Trois, Tri…

Three is our new lucky number! We are almost 17 weeks pregnant with TRIPLETS! We’ve known about it since we were about 6 weeks along but I still have a hard time realizing that this is actually happening.  That first ultrasound was a complete shocker. I believe the only thing Glenn said while we were in the ultrasound room was “huh.” :)


The babies at 9 weeks old


The babies at 15 weeks

Since many of the doctors warned us that there was a risk that one or more wouldn't make it through the first trimester, we took a break from the blog, wanting to make sure that all of the babies were thriving before sharing the news. Thankfully they are all growing, thriving, and healthy so far!

We spent many weeks worrying what would happen and just what our future was shaping up to be. Feeling shocked and overwhelmed were a major part of our first few weeks and months.  These days we have the same feelings but they are overshadowed with a lot of joy and excitement! We feel blessed and so happy that these little guys are coming into our life and can’t wait to get to know them.

You will hear lots more from us about this in the coming months!