Sunday, October 2, 2011

An eventful week for Eliza!

This has been a big week for Eliza, with all sorts of events and accomplishments.

First, she rolled onto her tummy unassisted for the first time on Friday. This is a huge event! She's been quite adept at rolling off her tummy for a while now, and in fact that's usually the first thing she does whenever we've put her on her tummy ourselves. She just hasn't been that big of a fan of being on her tummy, but she definitely needs that tummy time to help develop all her muscles and get her ready for crawling. So we're thrilled that she finally has both the motivation and ability to roll herself over - big things ahead for our baby!

Second, she's honest-to-goodness teething! We can feel a bottom tooth just starting to poke out of her gums, so it's official! (We have to clarify that point, because her feeding therapist has for months used "Oh, she must be teething!" as an excuse for everything - fussiness, lack of interest in feeding, increased interest in feeding, increased drooling, etc. - so "she's teething" has become an in-joke for us as a result...)

Third, she's come down sick for the first time since she came home from the hospital. She had a fever up to 103 last weekend, so we took her to the doctor and it looked to be an ear infection. Luckily we started her on amoxicillin because on Monday we found out she also had a urinary tract infection. Her fever returned mid-week and another trip to the pediatrician revealed that her ear infection was not responding to the antibiotics so now she is on cefdinir (omnicef). Hard to tell if it's doing anything to help with the infection itself, but her fever's gone so that seems promising. It is giving her some pretty unpleasant diarrhea though, so hope it does the trick and she can get back off it soon! Poor baby - Ear infection, UTI, teething and diarrhea! Yikes!

Fourth, with all of the above going on, she made the trip down to Georgia with us for her siblings' memorial service (more on that in a separate post). Despite everything she was an absolute angel throughout - playing quietly in her stroller during the service, then being happy and sociable with everyone talking to her and taking turns holding her. We really couldn't wish for a better behaved baby!