Sunday, October 4, 2009


Our friends Eric and Leandra invited us to come along with them to SchnOctoberFest, an awareness and fundraising event put on every year by the local miniature schnauzer rescue group. I have to say, now that I've been, there's something about the feeling of being surrounded by dozens of mini schnauzers that you just wouldn't get from being among an equal amount of dogs of different breeds. Maybe it's just the sudden awareness that there are a LOT of schnauzers in the Triangle area, or maybe it's just the fun of seeing how many different sizes, colors, and temperaments that you can find among even a single breed, but it was unquestionably a thoroughly unique and fascinating experience.

The event was spread out enough that I wasn't able to get any pictures that really captured the sheer schnauzerness of it all, but at least I got a few cute pictures of our own "Barky von Schnauzer".

Pasha being coaxed into the agility dog tunnel. Not pictured: her U-turn and exit, 0.5 seconds later.

Pasha is usually either completely wired or conked out and dead to the world. Here, a rare, calm middle state is seen.

If you want some more pictures, check out Leandra's post about the event. As usual their pictures are much better than mine (Experience and a fancy camera really does make a difference compared to my amateurish point-and-shoot technique...!) but I think our dog is cuter anyway. ;-)