Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sick Baby

Eliza's had a really rough couple of months. She's been sick on and off for the past 7 weeks. Runny nose, cough, and congestion. Of course the nights have been the worst with coughing fits and lots of retching and throwing up mucus. This week, after finishing up a round of antibiotics for a second ear infection within the last 2 months, I took her back in to the pediatrician since the snot was still pouring and the coughing was worse.

The good news is that the cough is just due to the post nasal drip, even though it sounds bad. The bad news? The ear infection has turned into a double ear infection and sinus infection! UGH! So she has a superbug that's pretty resistant to antibiotics. The pediatrician decided it was time to get out the big guns since this has been going on so long. Now we are on to injection antibiotics which means she has to get a shot in each leg 3 days in a row... then we start on a stronger oral antibiotics to make sure this bug dies for good. It's pretty scary thinking about how resistant it's been to the drugs so far and it starts setting off alarms in my head about total antibiotic resistance (!) but at the same time its just as serious to let this bug keep going.

By the way the new antibiotic is super thick which means extra big needle. UGH!!! Poor baby. She is so amazingly tough though. With as exhausted as she must be from poor sleep and being in pain you really wouldn't know it.. could just chalk it up to an extra clingy period. I wish I was as tough as her! :)

Here's hoping we are done with this very soon!

P.S Also good news: Doc says she isn't contagious.


  1. I'm so sorry! It's no fun having a sick baby! Hope this round does the trick.

  2. Poor thing! Keeping my fingers crossed for you all to get some healthy rest, bug-free. xooox

  3. No fun at all. We've had our share of random sickness the last few weeks and it is no fun. How's Miss Eliza doing now with her antibiotics done? Fingers crossed the sickness stays away from her (and you guys too!).